Friday Link Roundup – Technology Advancements

Kadee Gray / 17th May 2013 / Comment / Link Roundup

Google Glasses--Technological Advancements
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The launch of Google Glasses has people talking about them all over the world, but have you heard about some of the other technological advancements that have been making their debuts recently? A few cool ones may be changing the world; below is a list of our favorites.

  1. Google Glasses are quickly starting to find their audience and Mashable is keeping up. They just launched Mashable Velocity for Google Glass that alerts you when stories go viral. It’s sort of like breaking news for technology, business, and social media.
  2. Scientists at the University of Georgia have started experimenting with a plant’s photosynthesis process to capture energy. If the process is successful, it could eliminate the need for batteries.
  3. Solar Scooter, the world’s top guilt-free vehicle, was created by a small California startup and can go 20 miles without a single charge and reach speeds of 15mph. Now that is green energy.
  4. While this journalist isn’t the biggest fan, he breaks down the much-hyped 3D printing “revolution”, and the best uses for the new gadget.
  5. Australian scientists develop printable A3-sized solar cells. What does this mean? It’s an inexpensive way to power advertising lights, can provide backup power for your laptop, and laminate the windows of skyscrapers…a lot of cool applications.

What are your favorite technology advancements of 2013? Tell us in the comments below!

By Kadee Gray