Updated! GetListed: Harness the Power of Local Listings

Sarah Fischer / 15th April 2013 / Comment / Link-Building

Editors Note: Updated May 2, 2013
SEOmoz announced a new version of GetListed this morning, and we wanted to share the update with you! The new look is a lot easier to understand and, confession, I may have geeked out a little when I did a search for information on Wheelhouse. As always, you can post in the comments below if you have any questions about how to use this tool.


Last December, SEOmoz acquired local listing checker GetListed.org (read their clever reverse ransom note announcing the merger). It’s a handy tool for small business owners to see how visible their company is to local search engines.

How to Use GetListed
When you plug in the name and zip code for your company, GetListed returns a percentage of how well your company is utilizing local listings offered by major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Each local listing shows if you’ve claimed your company’s profile on each site and provides details on what you can to do improve your “listing score.”

Local SEO - GetListed

Starting off:
Once you enter the name of your company and zip code, GetListed searches the web for more information. If your business is new, shares a name with other companies, or doesn’t have much of a web presence, GetListed may have a tough time finding it. They’ll suggest some similar companies that may be the one you’re referring to, or ask for more information.

Note: As you begin the process of listing your company on these sites, I suggest keeping a detailed spreadsheet with information on each search engine that includes the site name, your username and password, the verification method the search engine uses, where the listing is in the verification process, and any additional notes. This will be incredibly helpful when you to change or update information on any of the listings.

Create an account with GetListed – it will make tracking your progress much easier and give you great insight into your listing status and performance on the Dashboard tab.


Local SEO - GetListed Snapshot

After you’ve found your business, GetListed shows your company Snapshot, a general overview of your listing score and which listings you have already claimed for your business. You will probably be greeted with a low listing score and a high amount of red x’s, but don’t worry. The number will improve as you fix or add information on each local listing and the red x’s will soon turn to green check marks. The “claim listing” link will take you to the independent listing site, which will most likely require a username and password.

The Accuracy tab on the left side of the page displays how accurate your information is on those listing sites compared to the information GetListed has collected. This is a great place to see if your listing is completely unlisted, or if you just need to update some details, like your office or web address.

When you click on the Details tab, it will reveal a tab for each of the major local listing sites. It helps you see if you have claimed businesses or not. Here’s a quirk to be aware of: there may be a green check mark for your business next to Google, when really you still need to claim that listing (the green check mark is there even if you haven’t claimed the listing on Google because Google has general information about your site). You want be the one who claims your sites (i.e. can edit the listings) and have complete information about your site on each local listing.

The Reviews tab lets you see customer feedback about your business in one easy place. It’s helpful if you are a customer-service or hospitality business and want to stay on top of what people are saying about you without having to visit a variety of different pages. All of that information is in one place, thanks to GetListed.

To Do:

Local SEO - GetListed To Do List

If you know any of us in the inbound marketing department at Wheelhouse, you know that a key part of our work is creating and executing scalable marketing programs for a significant number of client sites.  Of course, that requires good processes.  But it often also requires good old-fashioned “to-do” lists, which is why GetListed’s integrated task management is easily my favorite part of the application.  It’s incredibly useful when marketing multiple sites. The To Do tab lays out basic tasks for the local search listings, from Claim Business to Add Photos. While the tasks aren’t required, it will help you increase the value of your online presence more quickly and efficiently.

There you go! Try out GetListed for your business and let me know in the comments below if I missed any details that other small business owners should know. SEOmoz also provides a great video with a more detailed approach on how to use this nifty tool. Happy Listing!

By Sarah Fischer