Review: BuzzStream

Sarah Fischer / 13th June 2013 / Comment / Link-Building

We’ve recently started using a new program to keep track of contacts and outreach, and I’ve been so impressed with it, I wanted to share with you guys!

BuzzStream review

The tool: BuzzStream

The purpose: We originally started using BuzzStream because we needed a straightforward tool that could keep track of not only our contacts, but also our individual correspondence and relationship with the blogger. This tool makes finding contacts and running email campaigns really simple. My favorite part is the ability to email contacts from within the program, which means teammates can also see correspondence. BuzzStream connects with your email, so any correspondence between you and someone listed in BuzzStream gets recorded, even if you email them from your private email (there is an option to turn this off, however). You can also add notes about the contact, change the relationship stage, assign a contact to a certain team member, and see site metrics, like a blog’s twitter followers and MozRank.

Our use: Because I work in our inbound marketing department, I get to reach out to bloggers about new content and promotions we’re running for clients. BuzzStream offers a PR/Social Media function, which facilitates building and maintaining relationships with our contacts. BuzzStream also offers Linkbuilding tools that allow us to find prospects and run email campaigns within the program.

If you do nothing else: Use BuzzStream to keep track of correspondence with contacts and to have a list of contacts gathered together in one place. The tool prevents you from adding the same contact for the same website twice into its system, plus it’s a great way for everyone to have contacts in one shareable location.

Who this is best for: Anyone who has a large number of contacts to keep track of can get great use out of BuzzStream. For those running large email campaigns or gathering numerous contact prospects, BuzzStream will save a lot of time, whether searching for email addresses, Twitter handles, or searching for a contact you’ve already reached out to.

BuzzStream offers a free trial period, if you’re curious how the tool will enhance your outreach and want to explore its potential. Also, if you have any questions, their customer service/help department is super helpful (shout-out to Tim Bramer, head of customer support!).

Do you use BuzzStream, or have another outreach tool you like to use? Let us know in the comments below!

By Sarah Fischer