Why Wheelhouse is MY Best Place to Work

Cindy Lopez / 30th June 2017 / Comment / Culture

As the Talent Scout for Wheelhouse DMG, I often have candidates ask me what is my favorite thing about working at Wheelhouse. I usually share that it’s the commitment of our leadership to our values and to seeing people holistically, not simply for the responsibilities and tasks we complete. Since we were recently listed by Seattle Business Magazine as one of 100 Best Workplaces in Washington, and honored as one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2017, I thought I would allow the team members who put us on the list to share why Wheelhouse DMG is their best place to work:

Sunni Campbell, Search Associate:

“Wheelhouse feels like I’ve found a ‘work home’. I deeply appreciate the people who choose to work here and value our shared commitment to joy and helpfulness. It’s refreshing to work in a place where I feel seen and respected as an LGBT person of color, during Pride week I had co-workers bring rainbow-themed cupcakes and veggies platters to our team brunch – and that to me is the kind of place I want to work.”

David Creatura, Senior Paid Search Analyst:

“Working at Wheelhouse gives me the unique privilege of feeling like personal growth and joy are a measurement for success equal to, if not more than, professional growth. I’m proud to work for a company that looks for every opportunity to provide delight to anyone who comes in contact with us–whether it be clients, our friends and family, or people we meet via our Generosity Days. Also, the provided smoked salmon is excellent!”

Darla Rhodes, Search Associate:

“I consider myself so fortunate to have found Wheelhouse. Wheelhouse lives its mission of promoting joy for clients and employees alike, in a way that directly translates to a motivated, happy, supportive and respectful environment. I personally credit Wheelhouse for providing me the best work-life balance I’ve ever encountered in my 20+ year career. I am genuinely excited to come to work every day, where I trust that I will have challenging work with the foundation to succeed in meeting those challenges.”

Talia Escandar, Marketing Strategist:

“Wheelhouse is MY best place to work because it fosters exactly the kind of close-knit culture that helps me grow personally and professionally. We are encouraged to “bring our whole selves” to work, to build authentic relationships with peers and our clients, and to continue to learn and challenge ourselves. It’s a safe space for quirks, lighthearted when it needs to be, professionally engaging, and always agile.”

Dustin Moore, Director of Engineering:

“What makes Wheelhouse my best place to work? For me it is the people. I love being able to work with so many talented people that are also kind, caring and helpful. Everyone from our President to the newest hire really cares about our team and our clients. I can trust my team, and I can trust leadership. That trust helps us overcome challenges and deliver great work for our clients. I love working at Wheelhouse.”

Laura Pattison, Senior Paid Search Analyst:

“Wheelhouse continues to be an amazing place to work due to the culture that is at the core of everything we do – for the clients and internally. Wheelhouse truly takes our culture of generosity and helpfulness to heart, going above and beyond expectations, focusing on our clients’ success. The same mentality also holds true internally, with coworkers not only exhibiting helpfulness and generosity in the office, but outside of work hours as well. Generosity Day, candid conversations with upper management, and the continued generosity from Aaron all blend together to make us all feel both individually significant in the success of the company and cohesive as a unit driving the company forward.”

Looking for YOUR Best Place to Work?

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By Cindy Lopez