The Mission

To increase conversions from e-commerce to help grow the overall business.

The Road Map

  • Adjust bids to be more aggressive toward cost per lead (CPL) goal
  • Restructure the account, particularly to separate non-brand and brand keywords
  • Implement expansion efforts against competitive set; message appropriately based on user location, and coverage of the account

“Working with Clipper Vacations has been a pleasure! Being a part of their company’s recent growth is particularly fulfilling, not only because Clipper is a local company, which makes it exciting to be able to have a small hand in their success, but also due to the joy that comes from working with and as an extension of their team.”  – Laura Pattison, Manager, Digital Advertising, Wheelhouse DMG

The Results

  • Site traffic increased 237% from 2016 to 2017
  • During their peak season, orders increased 117% year-over-year


“Laura is exceptional. She has literally helped transform our business since taking over the account.” -Scott Meis, Vice President of Marketing, Clipper Vacations