Amanda Ouellette

Analytics Manager

w/ us since May 2017

Amanda is passionate about uncovering meaningful insights in marketing data to help organizations thrive. As an Analytics Manager on the Analytics & Engineering team, Amanda works with clients to solve reporting challenges of all shapes and sizes, leveraging data visualization and analysis techniques to make sense out of large, complex data sets.

“Generosity is such a powerful value for our team to rally around, and at the core of much of what makes Wheelhouse a great place to work. I deeply appreciate working within a culture that prioritizes relationships and encourages generosity with our time and care –  for one another, our clients, and our community.”

Professional Path
Ever fascinated by the creativity, strategy and storytelling of marketing, Amanda’s career began in account management at a Colorado-based marketing agency. The puzzle of analyzing campaign performance inspired a pivot towards a graduate degree from University of Washington, specializing in Data Science and Business Intelligence. Most recently working in analytics for a global investment management firm, it’s a joy to be back in the fascinating world of digital marketing and analytics.

Personal Passions
When she’s not at her laptop, you can likely find Amanda drinking coffee, working on a jigsaw puzzle, or exploring a hiking trail with her family and (unbelievably cute) dog, Rosie. Other passions also include long distance running, Harry Potter trivia, meeting fellow Colorado natives, and watching re-runs of The Office on Netflix.

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