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Becky Jones

Sr. Director, People and Culture

W/ us since November 2021

Pronouns: She/Her

Becky is the Director of People and Culture at Wheelhouse. She has spent her career working with mission-driven companies, helping them to provide care and resources to our most important asset—people! At Wheelhouse, she focuses on supporting the strategic vision of the organization, with a special focus on evidencing our values during the full employee life cycle. She has a particular passion for coaching managers in how to best support their teams’ need for expectation-setting, communication and feedback.

Professional Path

Becky studied at Whitworth University in Spokane, and after graduating, moved home to the Bay Area, where she began her HR career in recruiting, then grew quickly into HR leadership roles with growing, entrepreneurial businesses. She has spent the last 15 years working in HR leadership roles, and loves supporting founder-led, unique companies like Wheelhouse.

Personal Passions

Becky moved to the Eastside in Seattle in 2018, and loves exploring the beautiful scenery and supporting all of the amazing food businesses in the area. She enjoys getting involved in the community and is a Board member at two local nonprofits. She is passionate about cooking and baking, grows a large vegetable garden every summer, and is always tinkering with a new project like canning, sous vide cooking, or making macarons!

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When she’s not developing and deploying BI interfaces and solutions, you can find Liz spending time with her family exploring nature.

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Chloe is an SEO intern while she finishes her final semester at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. When she’s not deep in research and problem solving, you can find her picking up one of the six instruments she’s mastering.

Hallie is passionate about our people and culture. When she’s not helping our employees live better, you will find her outside exploring with her partner and their dogs Wilder and Nugget.

Kara resides in Kansas City and is a Digital Advertising Analyst for Wheelhouse DMG. A true harnesser of left and right brain, Kara is passionate about channeling the analytical and creative facets of Digital Advertising.

Taylor is an SEO Strategist at Wheelhouse DMG. When he’s not demystifying the complexities of search engines for our clients, you can find him exploring the metro parks of Columbus, OH with his dog Kia.

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