Casey Curtis

VP Digital Strategy

Casey Curtis is the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Wheelhouse, where she leads the strategist team in implementing winning strategies for our clients. Casey was the sixth employee at Wheelhouse (check out her anniversary post) and has seen the team grow from a tiny office to nearly 30 employees in what feels like the blink of an eye.

Before Wheelhouse, Casey was the Director of Ecommerce for the Baby United brand, where she ran the B2C channel for two separate brands. It was during this time that her love of digital marketing grew. Having managed ecommerce merchandising and promotion, social media, advertising, influencer marketing, marketing automation and technical integrations, Casey developed a deep understanding of integrated marketing. Since joining Wheelhouse, her digital marketing heart has tripled in size (not unlike the Grinch).

Casey spends her spare time hanging out in Seattle with her loving husband, chilling on the sofa watching Netflix with her cats and traveling as much as she can. Fun fact: she published a graphic novel with her husband in 2016 and spent most weekends this year bouncing around the country promoting it.

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