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Darla Rhodes

Digital Strategist

W/ us since August 2015
Pronouns: She/her

Professional Path

Darla came to our team by way of a career shift, joining Wheelhouse DMG after almost 15 years of employment with the Federal Reserve Bank. Darla’s experience at the nation’s bank included overseeing operations, projects, and third-party relationships in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. She managed a budget of almost $3M, a staff of over 120, and key customer relationships with financial institutions and every type of auditor you can imagine, including the Board of Governors and the Treasury.

Personal Passions

On the side, Darla pursued interests in writing and web-design, eventually leaving the Fed to focus on building new skills while raising two young boys. Darla found a great job match in Wheelhouse.

“Wheelhouse was able to see the value in my experience, and has displayed great flexibility and support in adapting my skills to the company’s needs.”  

Darla also loves the charitable focus of the company, having led several large-scale volunteer projects in her spare time, including the fundraising for the installation of a new playground at her neighborhood elementary school. In her “free” time, Darla enjoys exploring with her boys and has an inexhaustible list of things to try and places to visit. She’s raced on a sailing team, kissed the Blarney Stone (hindsight: eww), white water rafted in Malaysia, was once almost hit by Prince Charles’ motorcade, tasted ant butts in Australia (loaded with vitamin C & surprisingly tasty!), and still loves to ride ATVs on the beaches of San Felipe, Mexico.

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As the Wheelhouse DMG Operations Coordinator, Rhonda works to create memorable experiences daily for both clients and employees. From the big picture items to the smallest details, Rhonda’s touch is an integral part of each successful relationship.

Joe is drawn to digital marketing out of a deep and broad interest in effective communication. As a Digital Services Manager, Joe collaborates closely with team members and clients to execute on digital strategy initiatives.

Hailing from the East coast, Bridget is a Digital Strategist at Wheelhouse DMG. Fascinated with the intersection between people’s behavior and the technology that we use, Bridget designs marketing strategies which addresses the user’s habits while accomplishing the client’s goals.

Casey Curtis is the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at Wheelhouse, where she leads the team in implementing winning strategies for our clients.

Imported from Richmond, VA, Chelsea is a Paid Search Analyst at Wheelhouse DMG. Always on the hunt for unique methods to solve client problems, Chelsea’s listening skills and strong use of narrative helps clients reach their goals and beyond.

Darla is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Wheelhouse. She loves to explore and enjoys the daily adventure of parenting two energetic boys.

Sunni is an Associate Team Lead at Wheelhouse, with a passion for digital storytelling. A Seattle native and PNW lover at heart, they love snowboarding, soccer, coffee, and hunting for the best gluten-free food in the city. They also like travel, top-shelf bourbon, and the perfect avocado.

A recent Seattle transplant from Virginia, Taylor is a Senior Paid Search Analyst and avid drummer. He enjoys helping clients exceed the goals they’ve set for their programs.

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