Ellen MacPherson

Web Analyst

w/ Us since October 2018

As a Web Analyst on our Analytics team, Ellen parses data to extract useful, actionable insights and tactics for clients. She is a strategic thinker who is ready to scope, test, and evaluate site performance while keeping the client’s mission front of mind. One of the reason’s Ellen joined Wheelhouse DMG was her resonance with the value of Helpfulness.

Professional Path
Ellen is a quintessential utility player and has a broad range of experience across industries and roles. From federal grant administration in the commercial energy efficiency sector to corporate accounting for a digital asset firm, she is drawn to roles that spark her curiosity. However, she always finds herself returning to analytics.

Personal Passions
As a Seattle native, Ellen spends her personal time discovering the best the PNW has to offer. From exploring the amazing culinary scene, to blue-tarp camping and snowboarding, she can always find something to keep her spouse and teenager occupied all weekend.

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