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Ellie Nowak

Marketing Specialist

W/ us since April 2022

Pronouns: She/Her

Professional Path

Ellie is a Marketing Specialist at Wheelhouse DMG. With a background in integrated marketing, Ellie’s career has spanned multiple major media companies developing and implementing consumer experiences, content solutions, and ad-sales partnerships. Ellie loves telling stories and solving problems, we think she’s artful at it too. 

Personal Passions

A Brooklyn resident for sixteen years, Ellie recently moved to a mountain town in Colorado and is trying to figure out how to survive without the vibrancy of NYC, 24-hr bodegas and sea-level oxygen density. When she’s not nerding out over brand strategy and audience data, she’s usually twirling around on aerial silks or making a mess in the kitchen. 

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Meet the rest of our team

Kara resides in Kansas City and is a Digital Advertising Analyst for Wheelhouse DMG. A true harnesser of left and right brain, Kara is passionate about channeling the analytical and creative facets of Digital Advertising.

Arun is the Vice President of Growth at Wheelhouse DMG. Outside of informing our go-to-market strategy, pricing, operations and strengthening client engagements, you can find him tackling his many interests including cooking, wine, hockey, traveling, hiking, television/film, and attending live music.

Chloe is an SEO intern while she finishes her final semester at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. When she’s not deep in research and problem solving, you can find her picking up one of the six instruments she’s mastering.

Lola is a Technical Project Manager supporting the Marketing Sciences initiatives.

Joyce is always working to help Wheelhouse find the best candidates to contribute to our culture. Outside of the office you will find Joyce staying active all year round. Weather biking, kayaking, hiking and snowshoeing yoou will find her enjoying the outdoors.

When Colin isn’t developing high-performing digital strategies for his clients, he’s an avid angler in his native Montana.

When Ellie isn’t word smithing caption copy, you can find her adjusting to mountain life after 16 years living in NYC or twirling in an aerial silks class.

Max is data-driven and always looking for new learning opportunities in the SEO space. When he’s not researching masters programs to further his career, you can find him enjoying concerts, reading, going out for drinks, and plotting his move from southern Oregon to the Tacoma area.

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