Graham Dougherty

Software Engineer

w/ Us Since December 2017

As a part of our Engineering practice, Graham focuses much of his time on identifying and building solutions to difficult problems encountered by clients. His work, particularly using back-end web technologies, helps clients unlock the potential in their performance. One of Graham’s favorite projects thus far has been working with internal and external contributors to build a system converting data from one database to another and connecting several applications together. Graham is most drawn to the Wheelhouse DMG value of Trustworthiness because it pushes him and others around him to be their best and deliver excellence.

Professional Path
Before Graham came to Wheelhouse, he worked as a back-end developer on a small ecommerce platform for a large company. This experience allowed him to gather a breadth of skills across several fields. His primary interests are data modeling and optimization.  Graham currently holds an associate’s degree in software development and is working on his bachelor’s degree.

Personal Passions
On his weekends and free time, Graham tries to get outside as much as possible by cycling and hiking. Because he values learning and education, Graham is also passionate about finding ways to make educational opportunities affordable and accessible to students both before and during college.

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