Laura Pattison

Director, Digital Advertising

w/ us Since April 2017

Laura is Director of Digital Advertising at Wheelhouse DMG. She made the move to Seattle to join the Wheelhouse team from Charlottesville, Virginia. In Charlottesville, she worked as a paid search analyst at Merkle, where she worked with and led accounts for retailers in novelty goods, women’s apparel, custom products, furniture, and fine jewelry. Laura also worked as the web director and ecommerce manager for an independent jewelry, silver goods, and antiques retailer. Prior to digital marketing, she earned her BS in Physics at Old Dominion University and her MS in Commerce at the University of Virginia with a concentration in marketing and management.

In her free time, Laura can most often be found hanging out with her sweet and cuddly pit bull, Jake. She enjoys a little competition, from Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride to recreational sports, including her personal favorite, flag football. To unwind after a tough game, Laura also loves to spend time baking and is best known for her cookies and pies – when they actually make them past Jake and out the door.

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