Milton Welch

Digital Strategist

w/ Us since April 2018

Milton is a Strategist in our Digital Strategy practice. Milton is a polymath, equally comfortable with quantitative skills, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Milton’s client expertise ranges from B2B start-ups to large ecommerce organizations. He helps clients set priorities and take action to reach and surpass their website and business goals, especially with search marketing.

Professional Path
Milton’s career has been winding and adventurous. He started as an English professor at North Carolina State University before changing his career into digital marketing and ecommerce. A passion for lifelong learning has driven his journey. His undergraduate alma mater is Vassar, and he holds graduate degrees from at St. John’s-Annapolis, University of Virginia, and Full Sail. Most recently, he’s completed graduate work in VCUs School of Business.

Personal Passions
Besides constantly learning new things and volunteering, Milton is an avid fan of all things “geek culture”, especially Dr. Who. He heartily enjoys a great trivia night and board games. Milton is a self-proclaimed “audio tech nerd” and regularly attends The Movement and Afropunk music festivals.

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