Oscar Chow

Sr. Paid Search Analyst

W/ since January 2018

Pronouns: He/him

Oscar is a Senior Paid Search Analyst in our Digital Advertising practice. His role involves guiding clients through an ocean of search data to produce positive outcomes for their programs. To be helpful to his clients and team, he enjoys testing the latest performance-driven marketing tools, keeping up with trends inside and outside of the marketing world and learning about different ways to leverage data to help support better decisions.

Professional Path
Oscar has been on the agency side of digital marketing since 2015, applying principles from his background in economics to generate value. In addition to applying marginal thinking to work, his goal is to have clients feel fully supported so that they can go after their own goals. He has deep experience in SEM serving specialty and luxury retail, finance, insurance and software clients. His curiosities include making sense of and understanding data, technology, and seasonality.

Personal Passions
Oscar is a native and resident of Virginia. Autumn is his favorite season as it’s the ideal time to hike the colorful trails of the Blue Ridge. He is dedicated to his college marching band where, as a student, he finessed the trombone (his second instrument) while doing dance routines at bowl games and halftime shows with guest performers like The Temptations and Lee Greenwood. Outside of the college football season, you’ll find Oscar playing soccer, basketball, golf, or reading, which has been a core activity for him ever since he was the top Accelerated Reader in his 4th-grade class. He’s getting back into fiction and is open to book recommendations.

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