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Operations Coordinator

W/ us since June 2019
Pronouns: She/her

Professional Path

Rhonda is the Operations Coordinator for Wheelhouse DMG creating memorable experiences for both clients and employees. Raised in Seattle, Rhonda has a long and gratifying history with operations in a variety of Pacific Northwest companies from Bellingham to Alki Beach. From her Executive Assistant work with Amazon to her Grants Specialist and Program Support roles at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rhonda’s breadth of experience influences everything from big-picture items to details. Her touch is an integral part of all our successful relationships.

Personal Passions

Outside the office, Rhonda loves bike riding with friends and relaxing on her patio with a glass of wine while the sun winks off the sea in the background. She values community and relationships highly and would be the first person to ask you to sit and chat for a while. As a steward of ‘real’ relationships, Rhonda appreciates the emphasis Wheelhouse places on respect and support for all employees.

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Aaron is President & Founder, and a broadly accomplished digital marketing professional. He is responsible for vision, strategy and culture. He’s still happily married to that New Zealander he met in Malaysia and they now have two wonderful daughters.

Joe is drawn to digital marketing out of a deep and broad interest in effective communication. As a Digital Services Manager, Joe collaborates closely with team members and clients to execute on digital strategy initiatives.

Trenton loves anything thrill-seeking, nerdy, or related to data analytics. He also enjoys being a Digital Strategist and helping clients achieve business initiatives.

Dustin is our Principal Engineer and brings 16 years of full-stack development experience to the team. When not helping engineer solutions for our partners, he enjoys spending time with his family and performing in local theater — a true “acting professional”.

Casey Curtis is the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at Wheelhouse, where she leads the team in implementing winning strategies for our clients.

Paul Weinstein is COO, responsible for overall business operations. Paul is a happily married father of two beautiful girls, gave up cross-fit for yoga, and then gave up yoga for triathlons.

Dallas enjoys fiddling with things and solving hard problems which is probably what makes him a great Product Engineer. When he’s not working, you can probably find Dallas reading, or periodically visiting Portland, OR.

If she’s not writing for clients’ sites as a Content Associate, Teresa might be at the dance studio or working on her Yelp Elite Status.

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