Sheila Sadeghi

Client Experience Manager

W/ since June 2018

Sheila is on our Client Experience team, delivering organization, efficient and comprehensive communication, and process optimization across practices. She manages and optimizes the experience of working with Wheelhouse DMG for an enterprise healthcare organization with several cross-practice engagements.

Professional Path
Sheila’s career has alternated between creative and technical work, and she’s excited that her role at Wheelhouse allows her to combine those areas of expertise. Before arriving at Wheelhouse, Sheila worked as a project manager at T-Mobile and Valve. She also has an MBA with certifications in research, agile strategies, and data analytics from Seattle University.

Personal Passions
Sheila actively enjoys gaming, with a preference for PC gaming or Nintendo Switch, and she loves to read. Ever the optimizer, she applies a process to her free time called “double-dipping,” wherein she tries to maximize leisure time by also learning or doing something new. She finds it both incredibly rewarding and exhausting.

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