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Steph Alfaia

Director of Business Development

W/ us since October 2021

Pronouns: She/Her

Steph is Director of Business Development for Wheelhouse. Deeply invested in building strong relationships with our client partners, Steph invests in developing a deep understanding of their business goals and how Wheelhouse can help them drive fantastic performance through innovative solutions.

Professional Path

Hailing from New York, Steph has a long and fruitful career in sales and partnership development. Most recently she was Sales Director for Culture Trip, and prior to that at Time Inc., and NBCUniversal Media.

Personal Passions

An avid traveler, Steph has visited over 34 countries! She spent most of 2021 in beautiful Guatemala. When she’s back home in New York she loves to renovate and refinish antique furniture and spend time with her adorable pup.

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Meet the rest of our team

Dona is passionate about helping Wheelhouse find our perfect client partners through a mix of marketing, outreach, and demand generation.

Laura is Director of Digital Advertising in our Virginia office. She is a Richmond, VA native and Seattle wannabe (she’ll settle for visiting a few times a year). Laura loves keeping up with the latest paid search trends, winery tours, and any activities where she can bring her Golden Retriever, Penny.

Christina is always curious about how customers connect with brands which makes her perfect for her UX and SEO-focused role at Wheelhouse. When she’s not at work, she probably on a trip, planning a trip, or checking out some new, delicious Seattle eatery.

Trenton loves anything thrill-seeking, nerdy, or related to data analytics. He also enjoys being a Full-Stack Digital Marketer and helping clients achieve and measure business initiatives.

Deepti’s love of data runs deep. From her Master of Science to her deep background in media agencies and television, she loves creating insightful stories from data.

When Colin isn’t developing high-performing digital strategies for his clients, he’s an avid angler in his native Montana.

Dallas is a Washington native and Paid Search Analyst. He is also a big fan of the values-based culture at Wheelhouse DMG and appreciates the genuine positivity that permeates the office, creating not only fantastic work for the clients but fantastic relationships, as well.

Aaron is CEO & Founder, and a broadly accomplished digital marketing professional. He is responsible for vision, strategy and culture. He’s still happily married to that New Zealander he met in Malaysia and they now have two wonderful daughters.

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