Sukhneet Sangha

Paid Search Analyst

W/ Us Since October 2016

Sukhneet is a Paid Search Analyst at Wheelhouse DMG where she researches and develops paid search strategies on the Digital Advertising team.  A Pacific Northwest native, she attended Western Washington University where she studied Biological Anthropology and Psychology. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she completed an internship in lifecycle HR and went on to work in international market research where she learned valuable project management skills before moving to Wheelhouse in 2016. Sukhneet is passionate about search and is grateful to work at Wheelhouse where she is constantly encouraged to learn and test different types of analysis.

A true Northwestern-er, Sukhneet enjoys exploring the outdoors, and by that she means wearing a North Face jacket while watching “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” reruns in the comfort of her living room. When she is feeling a little less adventurous, you might find her binge-watching Chappelle’s Show or 30 Rock surrounded by snacks (include but not limited to Lucky Charms). Sukhneet also enjoys reading, setting thermostats to a comfortable 80 degrees, meditating, and spending time with loved ones.

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