Sunni Campbell

Sr. Search Associate

Sunni is an experienced digital marketer with a passion for people, creative ideas and the power of digital storytelling. After graduating from the University of Washington, she worked on a large research grant as a videographer and digital media specialist. Before her work with marketing agencies, Sunni ran her own consulting business as a digital strategist, helping individuals, non-profits and companies reach their goals in the digital world.

When not crafting strategy and stories, Sunni is surely pursuing adventures big and small. Whether snowboarding, traveling or seeking out the perfect sunset, she’s always on the hunt for beauty and joy. Sunni is a committed volunteer in her native Seattle, with many years of experience supporting nonprofits close to her heart. She thrives in the intersection of media, culture and technology and enjoys using her talents to help others tell their story. She is a friend to animals, an athlete, and a lover of fine bourbon.

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