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Digital Strategist

W/ us since June 2018
Pronouns: She/her

Professional Path

Tara is a Local Search Specialist at Wheelhouse DMG. She helps businesses establish and increase their online presence and succeed in their local areas. Keeping ahead of the curve in a field that is constantly evolving can be tough for companies, whether they are a small business or an enterprise organization with thousands of unique locations. Tara tackles the inherent challenges in the local landscape by staying abreast of the evolution so that clients can focus on growing their businesses. Finding her natural inclination toward keeping a client’s interest at heart amplified by our in-house value of helpfulness is one of Tara’s favorite parts about working at Wheelhouse.

Speaking Opportunities

Tara has spoken at the following events:

  • SMX Advanced, June 2019 – Enterprise Local: Shifting Perspectives

Blog Opportunities

Check out Tara’s latest blog post: How to Use Strategic Content to Improve Your Local Business Listings

Personal Passions

Outside the office, you might find Tara buried in a book and nursing a cup of tea. She’s passionate about learning languages (Sprichst du Deutsch?) and recently took up horseback archery (could this be any more awesome?). If an adventure is in the offing, either indoor or outdoors, you can be certain that Tara will be the first to join.

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Meet the rest of our team

Christina is always curious about how customers connect with brands which makes her perfect for her UX and SEO-focused role at Wheelhouse. When she’s not at work, she probably on a trip, planning a trip, or checking out some new, delicious Seattle eatery.

Originally from Arizona, Julian loves watching the Seattle Sounders compete for another MLS cup and helping clients understand their data as a Senior Web Analyst.

Vincent focuses on providing clients with Paid Search support and trying to watch new artists in smaller venues before they go big.

As the Wheelhouse DMG Operations Coordinator, Rhonda works to create memorable experiences daily for both clients and employees. From the big picture items to the smallest details, Rhonda’s touch is an integral part of each successful relationship.

Laura is Director of Digital Advertising in our Virginia office. She is a Richmond, VA native and Seattle wannabe (she’ll settle for visiting a few times a year). Laura loves keeping up with the latest paid search trends, winery tours, and any activities where she can bring her Golden Retriever, Penny.

Mario is passionate about writing, word weaving, and sentence shaping whether creating web content or composing music, which makes him an ideal Copywriter at Wheelhouse DMG.

Makena is a Paid Search Analyst and general digital marketing enthusiast. You’re also likely to find her at a farmers market trying something new and interesting.

Sunni is an Associate Team Lead at Wheelhouse, with a passion for digital storytelling. A Seattle native and PNW lover at heart, they love snowboarding, soccer, coffee, and hunting for the best gluten-free food in the city. They also like travel, top-shelf bourbon, and the perfect avocado.

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