linkedin logoVincent Nguyen

Paid Search Analyst

W/ since October 2018

Pronouns: He/him

Vincent is passionate about digital marketing and loves putting that passion to use as a part of the Digital Advertising team. He focuses on providing clients with Paid Search and Paid Social support from account strategy and implementation to bid optimization. He partners with other analysts as well as Digital Strategists in helping clients meet their digital advertising goals.

Professional Path

Vincent graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Communications. He became interested in digital marketing because of the combination of data analysis and psychology. Prior to joining Wheelhouse DMG, Vincent worked with a large telecommunication company providing local field marketing strategies.

Personal Passions

If he’s not attending one of the variety of shows and music festivals in Seattle, Vincent enjoys hiking, playing tennis or swimming. He also loves rooting for his home town team (Seahawks and Mariners) and is also ever hopeful the Sonics will return to Seattle.

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If she’s not writing for clients’ sites as a Content Associate, Teresa might be at the dance studio or working on her Yelp Elite Status.

Natalie specializes in Technical SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization. She’s the eyes and ears on the clients’ sites. When she’s not recommending site structure improvements, she’s probably visiting another Seattle brewery or exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Anthony is our Associate Director of Analytics. When he’s not helping clients with conversion rate optimization, he can be found strumming a guitar, composing music, and spending time with his partner, Nicole.

Joe is drawn to digital marketing out of a deep and broad interest in effective communication. As a Digital Services Manager, Joe collaborates closely with team members and clients to execute on digital strategy initiatives.

Imported from Richmond, VA, Chelsea is a Paid Search Analyst at Wheelhouse DMG. Always on the hunt for unique methods to solve client problems, Chelsea’s listening skills and strong use of narrative helps clients reach their goals and beyond.

Graham is a Software Engineer with a focus on back-end web technologies. He uses his growing repertoire of skills to unlock clients’ performance potential and push the boundaries of what can be done.

Dallas is a Washington native and Paid Search Analyst. He is also a big fan of the values-based culture at Wheelhouse DMG and appreciates the genuine positivity that permeates the office, creating not only fantastic work for the clients but fantastic relationships, as well.

Drew is a UI/UX Engineer who creates pixel-perfect websites with ninja-like precision. He loves snowboarding, fishing, basketball, and his home state of Missouri.

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