The future of Healthcare is Digital and Local

Click-to-call is the new house call.

  • Proximity is becoming a dominant ranking factor.
  • More and more patients are booking appointments online.
  • Search results are becoming highly customized and unique for each user.

And Google has changed how patients discover the medical services around them.

  • Patients may know doctors or hospital locations.
  • Multiple doctors can work and one location and the same doctor can work out of multiple locations.
  • Your practice may physically reside in a building with multiple other businesses/practices at the same physical address.

In a complex and quickly changing digital landscape, you need strategies that are up to date, patient focused and deliver measurable business value.

A few of our healthcare clients:

Our Healthcare Marketing Services:

Domain Strategy

We’ll help you unravel legacy infrastructure, consolidate authority and decompartmentalize your online presence so that all ships rise with the tide.

Our work will help build the business case to justify a significant shift in domain strategy.

Enterprise Analytics

Are your videos contributing to new patients? How do you know? Our Enterprise Analytics team can help you understand which engagement activities and touch points contribute to new patients, online or off.

Find out how Enterprise Analytics helped one of the largest healthcare systems in the US transform their business.

Local Search

In a mobile-first world, every user’s results are unique to them and pivots around their location and history. With the latest shifts in local search, more and more interactions with your patients and prospects are happening without you knowing. Not only are these interactions knowable, but they can also be attributed to patient acquisition in a way that provides visibility of local search to your marketers.

Read more about how in our article about closing the Local SEO data gap.

If you don’t have an SEO strategy for locations, you don’t have an SEO strategy.

How do you execute a local strategy across thousands of locations? Reviews, photos, updated content and technical code on the website (i.e.: Schema) all play a role in improving local visibility. But how do you tackle that when you’re talking 100s or 1000s of locations?

For one healthcare client with over 1100 locations, we employed our automation tools and reporting platform to manage their complex network of locations.

Learn more about the impact of our work on Local Search for one of the largest healthcare systems in the US.

Paid Search

Within paid search, you want to make sure you are in front of your customers with the right message in the right place at the right time. When you are thinking about driving customers to one of your hundreds, if not thousands of facilities; differentiating mobile vs desktop messaging can be very important. On mobile devices make sure you have enabled functions such as click to call & location extensions that make it as easy as possible for your customer to locate you. Ensuring that you are evaluating each searches value based on proximity to one of your locations can give big wins in terms of driving to the right cost per lead for each search.

WebMD is not your competition. Today, people are looking for a point of care and your keyword and bidding strategies should reflect that.

Digital Strategy

How do you pull it all together? Wheelhouse DMG specializes in digital strategy and healthcare. Each aspect of our digital marketing approach is unified by a focus on patient needs.

Using our deep understanding of search, we can help craft a strategy for your system that will increase visibility and improve user experience. Read about one such strategy in our post about how locations drive organic growth.

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