Content Strategy for Lead Gen Landing Pages

June 29, 2022 Virtual 11-AM - 12PM PT

In this session, we’re sharing the tactics we use to assess and optimize landing pages. Whether you’re launching targeted advertising and looking to build more landing pages to support your campaigns or looking to boost the CVR of your existing pages, this webinar will help you reach your goals. We’ll present qualitative and quantitative analyses we trust, a framework we use to assess messaging and CTAs, and walk through example analyses and recommendations for real live landing experiences, giving you the tools you need to dig deeper into your own landing experiences.

Meet Our Expert

Joseph Volk
Digital Services Manager

As a Digital Services Manager, Joe leads a team of digital marketing specialists and collaborates closely with clients and other Wheelhouse teams to execute performance-based strategy initiatives. He also has a special interest in training and coaching and helps guide many of Wheelhouse’s talent development projects.

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