Sustainable Analytics

August 10, 2022 Virtual 11-AM - 12PM PT

Build a sustainable data culture to unlock self-service analytics, ask better questions, learn more about your customers, evaluate vendors and more.

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Aditya Sastry
VP, Marketing Sciences

Aditya leads our Marketing Sciences practice, working with clients and internal teams to generate data science, analytics, and engineering solutions optimized for business value. He helps organizations align the questions they’re asking of their website with their instrumentation of analytics. Aditya also applies rigorous statistical modeling to decrease the noise from website data collected, so organizations can make informed and accurate decisions. He is also passionate about identifying and implementing methods for increasing the quality and efficiency of data collected.

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Wheelhouse hosts interactive knowledge-share office hours, a virtual space for leaders, managers, and senior marketers to ask our digital strategy experts their most pressing business questions. Our agency was founded on the values of Helpfulness and Generosity, and now we’re offering you a free, open-ended opportunity to pick the brains of some of the internal thought leaders who have driven our success working with a wide range of exciting clients over the last decade.

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