Analytics Measuring & Reporting

Measurement and reporting ramps up upon completion of an analytics implementation plan. Data is collected and distributed regularly to clients by our in-house team. Analytics discovery is an ongoing process—as users interact with your sites, data about their web, IOS, Android and application behavior is gathered. Our analytics reporting allows you to leverage this valuable data for your strategic marketing and advertising campaigns.

Post implementation, there is data galore—and reporting allows that data to be translated into usable information for the client and strategists. Wheelhouse analysts can prepare a variety of deliverables, from canned reports with fixed metrics and dimensions to custom-designed dashboards pulling from an assortment of data sources. The primary goal? To bring issues to light with substantiated data.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Once your custom reports, dashboards or alerts are built and configured by our analysts, they’ll be scheduled for delivery according to your needs. Whether you prefer to access data through analytics tools, Excel spreadsheets, e-mail, mobile or an FTP site, recipients will be able to see reports daily, weekly or monthly. While delivery is automated, Wheelhouse analysts are continuously working with the formulas driving the data collection behind the scenes.

Measure & Report Method

  • Organize & Consolidate Incoming Data
  • Build & Configure Outputs:
    • Canned Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Alerts
  • Schedule & Initiate Delivery
  • Evaluate & Adjust

Circle of Analytics

  • Part 1 – Audit/Analytics Integrity Check
  • Part 2 – Implementation Phase
  • Part 3 – Measure & Report
  • Part 4 – Insight & Analysis
  • Part 5 – Maintenance

It’s All Guided by Our Values

  • Helpfulness
  • Trust
  • Stewardship
  • Joyfulness
  • Generosity
  • Empathy

What’s the Value of Analytics Reporting?

Analytics reporting is a massive amount of work with little glory. Yet without it, you’d be left with a mountain of raw, directionless data. At Wheelhouse, our analysts work diligently at the reporting stage—gathering, creating, formatting, and consolidating—so that the raw data is transformed into information you can actually utilize. This refined data is the foundation of our Analytics Insight & Analysis.

The Big Picture

Our reporting hinges on analytics implementation, just like our insights hinge on our reporting. Our analysts specialize in transitioning you through each phase seamlessly, with value added at every stage.

We are driven by our values at Wheelhouse. While results from reporting can seem overwhelming, we are in the business of creating solutions, not homework. We work hard to build a partnership with every client to meet their business goals and objectives. The bottom line? When you partner with Wheelhouse, you join a skilled team ready to manage and problem-solve in order to benefit your bottom line quickly. Our goals are your goals.

Analytics Reporting Platforms We Utilize

Our skilled team works with many tools and platforms. Here are a few: