Pay-Per-Click Advertising & Management

Whether you need to refine an underperforming pay-per-click strategy or launch a new PPC campaign, Wheelhouse can help. Our analysts work closely with your team to understand your SEM goals and define an approach for the ideal return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per lead (CPL).

Wheelhouse PPC management begins with an account audit. Recommendations are made for account restructuring (if needed) and landing page optimizations. Together, we create a mock-up of significant keywords and work to build them across your company’s site. Then the real fun begins.

With a laser focus on the business value of each keyword, we bid on a selection through a variety of search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo), with the objective of driving maximum traffic and increased conversions to your website. But that’s not all. Our Wheelhouse team diligently tracks subsequent results and makes adjustments based on changing values and bidding updates. Some additional tweaks we may recommend: negative keyword mining, PLA (Product Listing Ad) campaigns for Google and Bing Shopping, day and hour-parting, and geo-targeting.

Savvy + Expertise

Are we confident in our ability to produce results? You bet. At Wheelhouse, we work with companies in a variety of sizes and industries to generate compelling ROIs. This success is, in part, due to a deep dedication to our craft, but also to the partnerships we build with our clients. Our commitment to transparency and helpfulness fosters an environment of mutual learning and co-creation that is vital to success.

Spend Time Like You Spend Money

With a flexible approach to PPC based on individual client goals, Wheelhouse can increase revenue and give you back valuable time. A loss of revenue or traffic due to poor landing page experiences, lack of keyword coverage, or inefficient SEM efforts can be both frustrating and confusing. Trying to get a handle on ineffective web pages or keyword usage often results in time wasted. We tailor our PPC program to fit your budget and your desired timeline. Our expert analysts utilize strong quantitative analysis and bidding experience to create an efficient plan targeting the most important metrics for your company.

Our PPC Method

  • Account Audit/Restructure
  • Update Landing Page/Ad Copy
  • Keyword Build & Classify
  • Bidding Updates
  • Bidding Modifiers
  • PLA Audit
  • PLA Campaigns
  • Bid Management Platform Integration

Partnership Plus Performance

  • Biweekly Campaign Reporting
  • Weekly Performance Reports
  • Monthly In-Depth Review Calls
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Annual Account Reviews
  • Open & Transparent Communication

Our Values Guide

  • Helpfulness
  • Trust
  • Stewardship
  • Joyfulness
  • Generosity
  • Empathy

Your Goals Are Our Goals

What type of business is right for paid search? That’s easy. Any type. For example, a client might be looking to harness lifetime customers, offer high margin items, distribute hard-to-find products, carry a wide variety of products, or sell seasonal/event-based services or merchandise. Wheelhouse looks at your company goals and targets relevant, high-intent keywords to drive committed leads and sales.

It is not uncommon, as we delve into a client’s SEM strategy, to discover areas that could use attention, or errors that have gone unnoticed. We will always bring those issues to the client with suggestions for resolution. It is the partnership we create with the client that is paramount, and we never limit our helpfulness to the original scope of work.

The Big Picture

PPCs, CPCs, ROIs, ROAS … the process (and acronyms) can be overwhelming. But Wheelhouse is in the business of creating solutions, not assigning homework. We have a full team of talented analysts ready to help bring our paid search recommendations to life. We’re here to explain the PPC process, strategize next actions, implement the design, track and analyze results in real-time, and fine-tune the package going forward.

Wheelhouse is a performance-driven digital marketing agency. Our work is varied, and we often overlap our services to provide the best possible experience and results for our clients. That can look like a combination of SEO and PPC, or PPC and digital strategy, or perhaps a combination of those with a little CRO thrown in (and some analytics sprinkled on top). All that said: when you partner with Wheelhouse, you join a skilled team ready to help you manage, problem-solve and navigate the world of digital marketing, with your bottom line in mind.

So, that’s a little about us and our PPC management services. We’d love to know a little about you. Tell us about your company and your PPC challenges. How can we help?

PPC Platforms We Utilize