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Paid search (pay-per-click advertising) and other forms of digital advertising can be powerful and efficient value generators for smart marketers. Search engines make it very easy to start campaigns, but building, managing and scaling them profitably can be a time-consuming challenge.

Our PPC managers create campaigns that generate tens of millions in revenue at ROI levels that delight our clients. We achieve these results by combining hand-tailored advertising strategies with advanced advertising tools and technologies and an ongoing focus on conversion rate optimization.

The Wheelhouse approach to search marketing is simple: by aligning user intent with ad copy, landing page content and a call to action, we attract highly qualified traffic and create exponential returns for our clients. Exceptional performance has fostered long-term relationships with virtually every advertising client with whom we’ve engaged.

Mastery of Digital Advertising Strategy and Tactics

Ex Officio, Marmot, REI, Overseas Adventure Travel, Swedish Medical Center, Providence Health Services—these are just a few of the brands for which our analysts have created successful advertising programs. Every Wheelhouse analyst is both Google Adwords Certified and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. And Wheelhouse is a Google Partner, allowing us to access beta advertising programs that give our clients an advantage in the marketplace.

Analytical Rigor and Attention to Data

Because our campaigns focus on driving business performance (as opposed to brand awareness or impressions), our work focuses heavily on data analysis. In fact, Wheelhouse paid search analysts typically spend 40% of their time on client data analysis. From data, we can:

  • Quantify market opportunity
  • Define and target the audience
  • Identify the keywords, ad copy and creative that drive greatest performance
  • Measure and understand campaign performance
  • Identify areas of underperformance (and address them)
  • Iteratively test and improve campaign performance

It’s the strength of our analysis that sets Wheelhouse apart—and enables us to achieve stellar performance for our clients.

Enterprise-Grade Tools – and People

Like many top-tier digital advertising firms, Wheelhouse leverages powerful bid management platforms. Our difference is in the degree to which we deeply understand and leverage the idiosyncrasies of these platforms to drive value for our clients. We don’t just understand bidding platforms, we’ve built them. Such intimate knowledge enables our analysts to finely tune these tools to maximize value for our clients.

Transparency and Values

We’re spending our client’s money—and we never forget it. Some of the work we feel proudest of has been to improve campaign efficiency, reducing media spend and, in the process, our management fees. We’re here to drive real-world performance and look out for your best interests, so we don’t hide behind “canned” reports that make our performance opaque. Instead, we customize reports to match each new client’s business needs and KPIs—and to communicate in the clearest manner possible.

Wheelhouse is a trusted Google Partner

Practice Lead

Casey Curtis


Casey Curtis

SVP of Digital Strategy

Before joining Wheelhouse, Casey was the Director of eCommerce at a children’s clothing company. She leads a unified team of digital marketers developing and delivering customized digital strategies for clients. 

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