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Employee Reviews on Glassdoor

“Working at Wheelhouse is inspirational.”

“I’ve worked at Wheelhouse for over a year now and I have never worked anywhere else where the President and VP of the company care so much about their employees well being.”

“Amazing leadership team.”

“Great sense of camaraderie.”

“Thoughtful values and a real commitment to fostering them every day.”

“Leadership gives you time and resources to expand your skills.”

Impressive benefits for such a small company.”

“Very nice work/life balance.”

“The company’s values are, in the words of the owner, ‘sacrosanct’. Trusted, helpful, generous, good stewards, joyful—they aren’t just words, they carry great meaning to all who work here.”

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To apply review the job description for the position you are interested in, customize your resume for that role highlighting top achievements you have had in previous roles, no need for a cover letter – but in the email let us know why you think you would fit in well with our team (hint: review our values!).

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