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Because of our values, the culture those values create, and the working environment fostered by both, Wheelhouse is a special place to work. Employee reviews on Glassdoor describe working at Wheelhouse like this:

Wheelhouse Happy Hour

“Working at Wheelhouse is inspirational.”

“I’ve worked at Wheelhouse for over a year now and I have never worked anywhere else where the President and VP of the company care so much about their employees well being.”

“Amazing leadership team”

“Great sense of camaraderie”

“Thoughtful values and a real commitment to fostering them every day”

“Leadership gives you time and resources to expand your skills”

“Office is incredible, right on the water”

“Impressive benefits for such a small company”

“Very nice work/life balance”

“The company’s values are, in the words of the owner, ‘sacrosanct’. Trusted, helpful, generous, good stewards, joyful—they aren’t just words, they carry great meaning to all who work here.”


You get a sense for our culture as soon as you walk into the office—a glass-walled jewel box on the top floor of a building right on the beautiful Ship Canal in Seattle, WA. Superyachts are moored directly in front of the office and canal traffic includes an always interesting combination of university rowing teams, lone kayakers, commercial ships, and leisure vessels headed toward Puget Sound through the nearby locks. And the office space comes with a boat! It’s not big—just a 25-foot electric Duffy—but getting out on the water is a lot of fun and a unique part of Wheelhouse culture.

Natalie at Wheelhouse Generosity Daywheelhouse / generosity

As mentioned in one of the Glassdoor reviews above, Wheelhouse values are Helpfulness, Generosity, Trustworthiness, Stewardship, and Joyfulness.

All of these values are important, but there are three that have an outsized impact on what it is to work at Wheelhouse. The first of these is Generosity.

Here are just a few of the ways that Generosity is put into practice at Wheelhouse:

  • Wheelhouse pays 100% of the cost for excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage for all employees, spouses, and their children – and the plans provided are the very best we would find for a company our size
  • 401k plan and dollar-for-dollar company match up to 4%
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 3 months of paid parental leave
  • Yearly education credit
  • Monthly gym stipend
  • At the end of each quarter, the company supports a “Generosity Day.” All employees are given a day off (with pay) for the sole purpose of providing service to the community around them. The company also provides funding for donations of cash and/or goods.
  • Fully stocked pantry with food, drinks and snacks employees want. Fully stocked bar and beer fridge.
  • Employees enjoy free use of facilities at Vertical World, a climbing gym located just 100 yards or so from the office.
  • Our leadership team sincerely values and supports vacation time. Wheelhouse closes its offices during the holidays to ensure employees can truly relax and enjoy time with family. Our offices are closed between December 23rd and the first Monday after January 1st. This time is not deducted from employee vacation time.


wheelhouse / helpfulness

The interplay of generosity and helpfulness plays a big part in making Wheelhouse a great place to work. We are helpful to our clients and generous with our time—and the same applies to one another. Again, a Glassdoor reviewer says it best:

The tight-knit culture (of collaboration, mindfulness, and trust) breeds a happy team that consistently goes above and beyond for clients.

Wheelhouse employs digital marketers who are among the best in the industry. Creating and fostering a culture in which these experts are not only readily available but eager to help other team members is another key reason that Wheelhouse is a great place to work.

wheelhouse / joy

And joyfulness makes Wheelhouse a great place to work. We believe that our work should create joy—for ourselves and for our clients. That joy may be the delight of creativity, the satisfaction of achievement, the exhilaration of learning or simply the pleasure of laughter, but we pay special attention to ensure that joy is a consistent part of our client relationships and our work together. We also invest in joy, in real and tangible ways.

The company is wholly owned by its president, who has established twin, complementary missions:

  1. To be the very best, most helpful partner with which any client works
  2. To be the best place to work for as many employees as possible

Company growth is entirely focused on supporting these missions, namely:

  • Being as helpful as possible to an ever-increasing number of clients
  • Growing the company so that more employees can benefit from this experience

Because no outside investors are involved, company leadership can be entirely focused on “healthy growth” that is consistent with these missions. At Wheelhouse, this means growth that doesn’t unduly stress employees, is consistent with company values and is additive to the culture. This ensures that Wheelhouse will continue to be a great place to work.

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