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Unifying Your Marketing Data for Actionable Insights

In today’s complex digital marketing landscape, data comes from a multitude of sources – advertising channels, marketplaces, analytics systems, and marketing automation platforms – each with its own format, attribution model, and metrics. This often leaves marketers overwhelmed and struggling to make sense of conflicting and confusing information. That’s where Compass comes in.

Compass is our HIPAA-compliant marketing data warehouse designed to integrate and harmonize your disparate marketing data sources, providing you with a single source of truth for your marketing performance.

With Compass, our data science team can:

  • Integrate data from all your marketing channels and platforms, including first-party data, CRM, digital advertising, and offline marketing data, creating a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts
  • Standardize data formats, attribution models, and metrics across all your data sources, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your marketing performance reporting
  • Apply advanced data modeling and analysis techniques to uncover deep insights into customer behavior, marketing channel performance, and optimization opportunities
  • Develop custom dashboards and reports that provide clear, actionable insights into your marketing performance, enabling data-driven decision making at all levels of your organization

By leveraging Compass to unify and analyze your marketing data, we help you cut through the noise and focus on the insights that matter most for your business, driving better marketing outcomes and ROI.


Maintaining Marketing Data Integrity

In the world of data-driven marketing, the accuracy and reliability of your data are paramount. Incorrect or missing data can lead to flawed insights, poor decision making, and ultimately, suboptimal marketing performance. That’s where Sonar comes in.

Sonar is our 24/7 automated monitoring and anomaly detection system designed to ensure the integrity of your marketing data and analytics.

With Sonar, our data science team can:

  • Continuously monitor your analytics ecosystem, ensuring that all tracking tags, pixels, and data collection mechanisms are functioning properly and capturing accurate data
  • Identify and alert you to any data discrepancies, anomalies, or sudden changes in key metrics, such as traffic, conversion rates, or revenue, allowing for quick investigation and resolution
  • Monitor your data collection processes for compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR, ensuring that you’re collecting and processing data in a secure and compliant manner
  • Proactively detect and resolve data quality issues before they impact your marketing analysis and decision making, ensuring that you can always trust the insights generated from your data

By leveraging Sonar to safeguard your marketing data integrity, we help you maintain a strong foundation for your data-driven marketing strategies, ensuring that your insights are accurate, reliable, and actionable.

Learn more about how we use Sonar for:

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