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GA4 is here.
Do you have a solution in place?

Using our experience, proprietary data warehousing and visualization tools, Wheelhouse guides digital marketers through the transition from UA to GA4.

GA4: The next generation of analytics

Unified Data Model

Enhanced Users

Improved Machine
Learning Technology

Focus on User Privacy

Be confident in your GA4 data with our full-service implementation and reporting strategy.

Wheelhouse’s end-to-end GA4 solution includes implementation, data warehousing, and customized dashboarding to ensure seamless data collection and reporting.

The sooner you transition to GA4, the better.

On July 1, 2023, Google Analytics (UA) stopped processing data.

If you didn’t transition by the deadline, you may have experienced a lapse in your analytics data.

GA4 introduces a new data model.

GA4 has data retention limits on user and event level data leaving a need to find and implement an alternative data storage solution.

Data retention limits.

Running UA and GA4 in parallel will give you the opportunity to compare data collection across properties and see how metrics and dimensions will differ.

Our approach to GA4.

Wheelhouse will work with you to decipher what Google Analytics 4 implementation structure will fit your company’s needs.


  • Full data audit

  • Implementation strategy development custom to your business needs

  • Execution of implementation strategy including the set-up of custom events, dimensions, channel groupings and audience segments

  • Live training and ongoing support

Data Warehousing

  • 2+ years of historical UA data storage in Compass, Wheelhouse’s in-house data warehousing solution

  • Continuous GA4 data storage in Compass

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Customized Dashboarding

  • Historical UA data and GA4 data in a single reporting dashboard

  • Educational tooltips with clear explanations for why values may differ between GA4 and UA

  • Live dashboard training + take-home educational video

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Take a tour of our customized GA4 demo dashboard.

Google provides auto-implementation of GA4.

Please don’t use it.

Beginning of March 2023, Google will automatically create GA4 properties for any UA properties that have not made the switch.

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