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Welcome to the Digital Clinic.

Join the podcast that goes deep on critical digital marketing trends, strategies, and tactics for the healthcare and medical device industries. Each episode brings you expert guests sharing the knowledge, insights, and advice that healthcare marketers need to be successful in this complex and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Aaron Burnett
CEO Wheelhouse DMG

Aaron Burnett is CEO and founder of Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group, a sought after digital marketing agency with deep experience in the healthcare and medical device markets. Aaron has an uncanny ability to envision, craft, and share a story—to pinpoint and never lose sight of its core value. His creativity, coupled with a wealth of marketing experience, has led to a fine-tuned strategic acumen. Prior to founding Wheelhouse DMG in 2010, Aaron was president of a UX design firm, founder the first telecom service aggregator serving the Hispanic community in the U.S., SVP Marketing for Speakeasy, VP of Marketing for NetMotion Wireless and VP of Sales & Marketing for AT&T Wireless.

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