Engineering Services

When technical implementation is involved, most digital marketing firms function in an advisory capacity—providing recommendations, but leaving a client to implement with their own development team. We believe in delivering results—not homework.

Every strategy that we develop, every campaign that we launch has a single focus: to drive business performance for our clients. Our in-house engineering staff is here to make sure that bringing our strategies to fruition is easy for our clients. In fact, we provide planning and direct implementation of search strategies, advanced analytics and digital advertising campaigns for nearly every Wheelhouse client.

Our strategies go well beyond “best practices”—and so do our engineering capabilities. We tune websites and the platforms on which they are built to support and amplify search strategies. A few examples include:

  • Development of custom functionality to enhance e-commerce platforms
  • Development of Virtual Categorization functionality that unlocks the value of faceted navigation on e-commerce websites
  • Development of custom scripting to support sophisticated analytics implementations

We have deep experience with a broad array of e-commerce platforms, content management systems and code bases. Our development team is a Sitecore Certified Implementation Partner and every Wheelhouse employee is Google Analytics certified.

Practice Lead

Dustin Moore

Director of Strategic Engineering