Today’s marketers are awash in data.

Every advertising channel, marketplace, analytics system and marketing automation platform provides reports – and each one in a different format, using different attribution models and underlying metrics, leaving marketers in a sea of conflicting and confusing information. Our data team makes sense of if all, creating systems and infrastructure to deliver clarity and insights on an ongoing basis.

Examples this work include:

  • Enabling increased ROI through development of sophisticated media mix modeling
  • Development of a custom attribution model that values every marketing channel at each step in the customer journey
  • Creation of bespoke data visualizations and reports, enabled by a marketing data warehouse, that unifies and harmonizes client online, offline, first-party and CRM data to surface previously undiscovered performance marketing opportunities
  • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret and analyze thousands of pages across 40 different domains as we develop content strategy for the world’s largest space agency

Marketing Data Strategy

Our Data Strategy Development will give you a clear view of both your current and ideal state. We’ll define key performance metrics, outline an approach to capturing and visualizing your data, and ensure you’re asking the right questions about your customer experience.


Business intelligence

  • Our highly skilled analysts use BI to enable data-driven digital marketing strategies that drive conversions and increase ROI.
  • Digital marketing success hinges on insights derived from accurate and incisive reporting. Our analysts provide sophisticated data interpretation, custom reporting and recommendations.
  • We turn complex data into compelling and easily understood data visualizations.


Your data is one of your most important resources. Our engineers can help you collect, manage, move and better take advantage of the date you have:

  • Tagging Support & Data Layer Implementation
  • Data Integration
  • ETL/ELT & Data Migration Services
  • Cloud infrastructure support
  • Data Scoring & Algorithms

Data Science

  • Our data science team are experts at audience development and optimization as a critical aspect of digital advertising
  • We use Marketing Mix Modeling to understand the current impact of marketing spend across multiple channels and to anticipate how reallocation and optimization of that spend can significantly increase performance
  • We create custom attribution models that enable our clients to truly understand the value of their marketing spend for every channel
  • We use NLP to derive meaning and insights from text-based data and fast-track the reporting and examination processes with custom built software

Data Architecture & Engineering

  • Our engineers are highly adept at creating successful data warehouse outcomes tailored for marketing analysis. From data source identification to ETL, warehousing, data marts and visualizations, we can help you to get the insights you need from the data you require.
  • We enable high-quality customer insights through working with custom and SaaS Customer Data Platforms from web & mobile implementation to reporting and analysis
  • Having worked extensively in all major data warehouses and database technologies, our team can provide deep architecture and data quality audits to ensure that marketing decisions are flowing from a trustworthy foundation
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