Over the last several years, Fred Hutch and Wheelhouse have been working together in various capacities to help recommend and report on appropriate digital marketing directions for the site and organization as a whole. When Wheelhouse initially began working with the Fred Hutch team on a digital marketing strategy and roadmap in 2016, one of the larger recommendations was to ensure the website was fully responsive, in order to capture the attention of the fast-moving mobile user and earn top rankings in search results based on the mobile-first indexing shift. The Fred Hutch team used our initial assessment and recommendations to make the case to the leadership team for relaunching a brand new website experience for, which would be fully responsive, and be better able to connect with all users. Fred Hutch worked with outside agencies to help design the new site experience, and develop the flow of the site based on customer journeys and their needs, and built the site internally using their own DEV resources.

Our Work

Fred Hutch leverages their digital properties to drive online donations that support their research and patient support initiatives, cultivate leads for business partnerships and help patients enroll in clinical trials. Prior to their involvement with Wheelhouse, Fred Hutch’s site provided visitors with a clunky mobile experience. It was difficult for users to accomplish key tasks quickly: donate, learn about the center’s research initiatives and find lifesaving patient services. Deepening the mobile challenge, Fred Hutch did not have a tag management and analytics measurement strategy in place to determine what was working or not on the site. Fred Hutch’s analytics program was fledgling: the UX design and marketing team could not yield valuable insights about user behavior and the philanthropy team could not build audience segments, track engagement with CTAs or evaluate friction in the donation journey.

Fred Hutch called on Wheelhouse to reinvent its digital experience and build an analytics program that could demonstrate digital performance gains. In Wheelhouse, Fred Hutch saw a partner that would thoughtfully advance their digital infrastructure, grow their culture of continuous performance improvement and help the marketing and philanthropy teams better use the site to accelerate the center’s scientific priorities. Wheelhouse listened to a diverse range of stakeholders across programs at Fred Hutch to understand the site’s audiences, traffic and engagement. Wheelhouse implemented analytics tracking on the site to tell a data driven story about the value of a site redesign focused on improve mobile users experience. Wheelhouse implemented Ecommerce tracking to achieve better fidelity between Google Analytics and Fred Hutch’s donor management system and improve conversion attribution. Wheelhouse also developed several experiments to optimize the donation UX for the new site. With a more robust data collection process implemented, Fred Hutch and Wheelhouse’s Digital Strategy team were able to quickly identify friction in the UX and develop clear requirements and recommendations for measuring the performance of the new site.

Working closely with stakeholders, Wheelhouse and FH set ambitious benchmarks for comparing site performance pre- and post- site redesign launch. Fred Hutch's redesign and analytics program not only drove outstanding performance but also gave them a newfound ability to gather, trust and interpret user data.

The Results

With better reporting capabilities in place, Fred Hutch is able to share insights across teams and leverage trustworthy data to shape design and UX priorities. Wheelhouse continues to support Fred Hutch on a variety of digital strategy and analytics initiatives, and are proud to have the opportunity to help them fund their incredible research work.


Increase in total site users


Increase in mobile users


Increase in donation revenue

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