10 Ways Washington’s Best Workplaces Showcase Company Culture

Talia Escandar / 8th August 2016 / Comment / Content Strategy

Packwood, WA

This year, Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group was recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces. Companies on this list share a commitment to a strong and diverse culture, proactive management, employee training and growth opportunities, and more. (We’re quite humbled to be a part of it.)

As we considered how culture helped define the “best workplaces,” we identified many similarities—and some notable call-outs—amongst other nominees for Best Workplace in Washington. We’re inspired by much of what we found online (and look forward to meeting these folks at the PSBJ event on the 11th)! Below are 10 ways the best workplaces showcase their distinction-worthy cultures:

1. Highlight Your Team

our-peopleIf you’re like us, your team plays a significant role in your business. Acknowledge how important they are (and showcase their unique personalities, passions, and skills) with a creative approach to your team page(s) and company information. Best Workplaces Examples: For a personal approach to highlighting your people, check out the stories from Expedia’s Hear it From Us videos. Also, we really connected with L4 Digital’s Our People page, which says, “We win because of our proven track record; we keep business because of our people.”

2. Make a Great Careers Page

When it comes to recruiting, the careers page is the most important landing page on your site. Want to continue building a great team? Don’t simply list your job openings! Attract the right applicants with a personalized careers page. Use this as an opportunity to help people understand why your company is truly a great place to work. Best Workplaces Example: Concur Technologies has a great, pun-filled (and visually engaging) Careers page. We love the authenticity of the imagery here. “Puns make my heart sing.” – Talia Escandar, Search Associate, Wheelhouse DMG

events-calendar3. Publish an Events Calendar

Does your business participate in community service activities, or attend local or industry events? If so, consider publicizing these events on your website. Share your involvement with the local community! Make event pages easily shareable, and consider linking to event follow-ups (blog post, reflections, photo uploads, social media posts, etc.) after the event has occurred. Best Workplaces Example: We loved checking out 1st Security Bank’s Community Events Calendar. What a commitment to service! “Ooh, we need one of these calendars! :)” – Cindy Larson, Office Manager, Wheelhouse DMG

4. Support Diversity

Diversity matters – to your team and future applicants (whether or not they are talking about it). Stand proudly with every member of your team by proactively sharing your commitment to diversity and inclusion, even if you’re starting small. Best Workplaces Example: Slalom’s Inclusion & Diversity page sets the standard for companies who are looking to articulate their commitment to diversity. We are inspired by their customized inclusion training workshop and inclusion councils.

5. Share Your Philosophy

one-size-does-not-fit-allHow does your world view affect the way you do business? It’s worth sharing online, because your business philosophies influence how you approach clients and customers. Best Workplaces Example: ExtraHop shares a nice set of beliefs on their What We Believe page. We agree that “one size does not fit all” … and we lol’d at the creative graphic 🙂

6. Promote Your Values

Your values are the principles that guide you in your everyday business activities. They impact relationships within your team, and with your clients and customers. Promoting them on your website is a great way to remind your team (and site visitors) what kind of culture you are building at your workplace. Best Workplaces Examples: We enjoyed learning about the 1+1+1 Program at West Monroe Partners – and admire that they decided to update their values (formally, as the company developed). Also, a special ‘nod’ to Moz for their Core Values. Our shared value of generosity is one of the Wheelhouse team’s favorites!

7. Vocalize Your Mission

Our twin missions are: to be the most valuable partner for each of our clients, and to be the best place to work for as many people as possible. What’s your mission? Sharing your mission is a great way to connect with like-minded people and organizations (including during the recruiting process). Best Workplaces Example: We appreciate Tableau’s “mission that matters.”: to help people see and understand their data. Simple, straightforward message with a nice level of detail for those who like to read more. “We really should all ‘read more’.” – Scott Merilatt, Lead Associate and book worm, Wheelhouse DMG

ping-ponging8. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Fun Side 🙂

Your company culture is unique, so feel free to showcase it in whatever ways feel most authentic. Could you add an Instagram feed widget to your About Us page? Should you start blogging more often, about insights from management or team meetings? Don’t forget to have fun with it! Best Workplaces Examples: Synapse’s “Wall of Cool” (which highlights cool things the team has recently discovered) is, as our own Rachel Mahnke puts it, “pretty cool”. It’s even trademarked! Also, we loved the ping pong call-out on Decisive Data’s footer (for the careers page). Because, ping pong. “That’s real commitment.” – David Kennedy, VP of Digital Advertising and Ping Pong Hero, Wheelhouse DMG.

9. Highlight Your Benefits

Everybody appreciates a good benefits package. Whether your perks are traditional (e.g. medical and dental coverage) or quirky (e.g. dog-friendly office), highlighting employee benefits is a great way to show your commitment towards investing in your team. Best Workplaces Example: We love Allison+Partners’ commitment to the continuing education of their employees, including Allison University.


10. Be Social & Visual

Utilize social media and authentic imagery to amplify your message and culture. Share candid images from office and social events, post your favorite quotes, retweet content from other like-minded companies, and don’t be afraid to use a hashtag or two. Best Workplaces Example: Rover.com gets a nice shout-out (or should we say, a woof?) for their canine-friendly and playful About Us page. Based on the imagery, we’d guess that even a tough day at the Rover.com offices probably isn’t that bad, with so many happy pups running about. And, we love #RoverLife (since we’ve got #WheelhouseWay).

Wheelhouse Wants You to Weigh In

How does your company promote your culture authentically online? What other companies are doing a great job? Send us a comment below or tweet us @WheelhouseDMG.

By Talia Escandar