3 Projects While Your Ads are Paused

Laura Rowe / 16th June 2020 / Comment / SEM


Hi everyone, I’m Laura Rowe. I’m a Director of Digital Advertising for Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group.

I’m here to talk about some projects that you can work on even if your current advertising campaigns are paused. I know several clients that we work with, unfortunately, had to pause their advertising for the time being, either because their services can no longer be provided or because their marketing budgets needed to be reallocated to other parts of the business. I know they’re not alone.

One thing that we’ve been striving to do here at Wheelhouse is to figure out ways to continue to improve their program, even though they are paused right now. Here are 3 awesome projects you can be working on or that you can have your agency work on during this time, even if your campaigns are not running.

1. Account Restructure

The first one is an account restructure for your search campaigns (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads). This project, for us, tends to get pushed to the backlog, but when you do it, it really does have a big impact on performance. Google’s made a number of updates to matchtypes over the past several years, and that’s caused a lot of redundancy and a lot of duplication between your keywords. Several years ago, when I started paid search, it was important to have every single iteration of a keyword and phrase, and that’s not the case anymore. Google’s become so much smarter and so much better at matching your keywords. Now you can really pare down your keyword list. That’s what I would recommend you spend this time doing.

2. Automate Reporting

The second project is to automate your reporting. Think about any reporting you’re doing on a regular basis. We do weekly reports for our clients, but maybe you do monthly or even quarterly reports. There are definitely parts of that reporting that you do over and over and over again; it’s repetition. All of those things can be automated. We’ve actually begun the process of moving any of our old reports that were still living in excel into Google Data Studio, because of all the automation features there. This is a great project to do during this when you have a bit of downtime while you’re not actively managing campaigns.

3. Create Social Content

The third project is being active on social media. Use this time to put out content and put it on your social media platforms. An added benefit is that if you do choose to invest in paid social right now (Facebook ads, Instagram ads) we’re hearing clients report that impressions are up to 50% cheaper right now because, unfortunately, a lot of advertisers have had to pull back their efforts. Putting out content organically is wonderful! If you do choose to take it to the next level, it may be even cheaper than what you were expecting.

Reminder: focus on the restructure first, move on to reporting, then with any extra time move onto your social content. You’ve got this!

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By Laura Rowe