As SEO specialists, we can learn a lot just from looking at Google’s own SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features. Far from the barebones results pages of 20 years ago, Google’s SERPs are now teeming with features and tools that serve to make searchers’ (and our) lives easier. Today’s SERP features carry an abundance of  … Read more

For most marketers, “user testing” is a scary term — it’s something you know you should be doing, but you aren’t. The fact is, every website could benefit from some good, consistent user testing. Whether it’s smoothing out your navigation or gauging public perception of your site and its functions, testing is a great way  … Read more

Are users spending significant time on your site but are still abandoning their cart? Do you know how many clicks it takes for a user to add a product to their cart? Are you confident that you have provided all the information a user would need to convert on your site? Whether you are in  … Read more