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Is there an ideal length for posts or articles? How much does readability matter (and which metric is the right one)? Should we focus on listicles and snackable hot takes, or pivot to long-form deep dives? And has the internet killed reading or are web users actually reading more than ever?   Anyone who writes  … Read more

Well, you fell for it. Sorry to say, this is not another listicle. So dig out those dusty reading comprehension skills and focus! I’m not even going to give you subheadings, because that’s cheating. Subheadings are like the Spark Notes of online articles. Are you even still reading this? As a web content writer, I’ve  … Read more

It’s Friday afternoon, we’ve had an extremely busy week, and we’ve just wrapped up our monthly “client sentiment analysis” session, where we talk as a group about how our work is making each of our clients feel. The mood is light, and almost all the sentiments on the board are written in green (which is  … Read more

Last week, I talked about how register and filler (i.e. level of formality and extraneous speech) affect the viability of your blog. The Language of Blogging: Part 2 takes a look at some other linguistic concepts to keep in mind while you’re blogging. Code-switching: Bilingual bloggers, take note: code-switching, i.e. alternating between languages, can throw  … Read more

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How Linguistics Can Affect Your Blogging Success What makes a blog successful? Eye-catching graphics? Social media engagement? A quick survey of industry inquiries into this question (check out Social Examiner for some great tips) reveals a lot of talk about content, reputation, and design. Certainly all of these elements are important to the success of  … Read more

I just finished reading Chapter 7 of Susan Harrow’s book Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul, which covers two of my favorite things: storytelling and simplicity. In this chapter, Harrow connects the art of storytelling to not only personal brands, but businesses as well (think content marketing, like Nokia’s Music mini documentaries). She breaks down  … Read more

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Where to Find Them & How to Maximize Your Results, Part 2 In part one of this guest blogging guide, I covered how to assess your niche’s guest blogging market and build a list of blog contacts. Part 2, will cover how to pitch a guest blog post and leave you with some final guest  … Read more

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Where to Find Them & Maximizing Your Results | Part 1 A few months ago, I posted a summary of link building strategies beyond guest blogging. Now that we’ve covered the other options, let’s look at how to execute an effective guest blogging campaign — while not the only strategy for link building, it’s a  … Read more

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Author’s note: this article is intended for educational purposes only and is not offering legal advice or counsel. Image Source Is Your Blog Breaking the Law? The Internet’s rapid expansion has left lawmakers playing catch-up, particularly where intellectual property is concerned. Though most of us use the Internet regularly, few of us understand the evolving  … Read more


The Article: Foolishly Viral: Lessons From a Million Pageview Day, by Jacob Klein as posted on The Big Idea: How you can achieve viral content success – some tips, guidance and notes from Jacob Klein, a SEO consultant from Distilled, and his personal blog The Gist: Jacob talks about his success in preparing relevant, strong  … Read more

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