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Here at Wheelhouse, generosity is one of our core values. We strive to promote generosity in the way that we work, as well as how we interact with our community. As our president Aaron Burnett puts it, we believe that “without regular use, our values will atrophy.”

At Wheelhouse, one of the first adjustments we generally make when assuming management of a new SEM account is to ensure that brand and non-brand (competitive) keywords are properly segmented by campaign. From a reporting perspective, it is critical to evaluate brand and non-brand keywords separately. There are a few reasons for this – some  … Read more

A year ago we had a problem. We were adding clients quickly, but having trouble finding the right people to fill several critical open positions to increase our capacity. We were in our third year of 60% annual growth and, although theoretically a “nice problem to have”, our growth was becoming an issue. As we  … Read more

A Comeback Story All comebacks are built on a foundation of failure. And boy was it a failure. Paul Weinstein, our standard bearer and office ping pong champion, went down hard in last year’s GeekWire tournament—and in the process destroyed the morale of the entire Wheelhouse team (especially our younger, more impressionable employees). But Paul,  … Read more

A few weeks ago, the following meme was making the rounds on LinkedIn: My response was that culture IS our strategy. Here’s why. At Wheelhouse, we’ve taken great care to define, refine and encourage a culture that centers on kindness, helpfulness and generosity. We’re proud of the performance we drive for our clients, but that’s  … Read more