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Here are four helpful tips to keep the agile process moving so that you and your team can be more productive every day. 1. If you have a task that’s blocking someone else – do that task first! One of the biggest productivity killers for teams is when someone else is blocked by you. If  … Read more

A few weeks ago, the following meme was making the rounds on LinkedIn: My response was that culture IS our strategy. Here’s why. At Wheelhouse, we’ve taken great care to define, refine and encourage a culture that centers on kindness, helpfulness and generosity. We’re proud of the performance we drive for our clients, but that’s  … Read more

In my last post, “Reading with the Intent to Teach,” I wrote about how I improved my absorption of the material from The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by simply changing my approach to reading. As I read, I thought about how I would teach the material — and my capacity to retain and practice  … Read more