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Our PPC team uses a variety of tactics honed over years of managing performance-driven PPC accounts. Today I want to share one, quite powerful tactic hiding in plain sight, disguised as a mundane account setting: ad delivery options.

If we had to pick the most important metric for paid search, that’d be easy. ROAS, or Return On Ad Spend (this of course is excluding those really advanced folks that are pulling in margin to bidding). And the goal isn’t to necessarily maximize ROAS (though bigger is better), but to target the right ROAS  … Read more

ROAS is Return on Ad Spend. It’s the metric that combines cost (Ad Spend) and revenue (Return) into the most common KPI used to measure SEM performance. With a healthy ROAS, budget shouldn’t matter. It’s like the fountain of youth for your PPC campaign and your bottom line.

The world of traditional marketing is one of fixed budgets, set well in advance, and post-campaign reporting. For understandable reasons, this same approach is often applied to digital marketing: set a fixed budget and assess the performance over time – but stick to the budget.

At Wheelhouse, one of the first adjustments we generally make when assuming management of a new SEM account is to ensure that brand and non-brand (competitive) keywords are properly segmented by campaign. From a reporting perspective, it is critical to evaluate brand and non-brand keywords separately. There are a few reasons for this – some  … Read more

SEATTLE, March 24, 2016 – Wheelhouse Search, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency and ping pong talent incubator, announced today the hiring of David Kennedy as Vice President of Digital Advertising. Kennedy’s hiring signals a strong commitment to the agency’s growing Paid Search practice and a desperate need for a veteran ping pong presence in the  … Read more


This is the third in a series of “What You Need to Know” posts from our esteemed SEM expert Kaitlin Pursley. Be sure to check out her previous posts on Bing Image Extensions and Google Countdown Ads. Maybe you’ve searched for a product on Google and seen a “Special offer” tag under the product. Have  … Read more

In a recent post, Gypsy discussed scenarios where you might utilize the Dimensions tab to identify restructuring needs. Here she’ll take it a step further and explore a few specific ways to restructure your campaigns.  Face it: when it comes to your Google Shopping campaigns, you’re a bit of a control freak. And that’s okay!  … Read more


This is the second in a series of “What You Need to Know” posts from our esteemed SEM expert Kaitlin Pursley. Be sure to check out her previous post on Bing Image Extensions.  In September 2014, Google released ad customizers to provide advertisers opportunities to create more tailored ads. There are a variety of different ways to  … Read more


While Bing tends to imitate Google AdWords features long after we’ve already been using them, things have gone a bit differently with Image Ad Extensions. Google released image extensions in June 2013. But just a few months ago, while one of our clients was successfully utilizing the new feature, Google abruptly ended the beta and  … Read more