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A Comeback Story All comebacks are built on a foundation of failure. And boy was it a failure. Paul Weinstein, our standard bearer and office ping pong champion, went down hard in last year’s GeekWire tournament—and in the process destroyed the morale of the entire Wheelhouse team (especially our younger, more impressionable employees). But Paul,  … Read more

Consider this scenario: You’re searching for something on Google with your smartphone. You click on one of the first results and land on a site with tiny text that makes you zoom and scroll from side to side. Links are hard to click on and you can’t navigate. In frustration, you go back to Google  … Read more

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When I returned from vacation a few weeks ago, I was greeted by an office transformed. Small plastic balls littered the floor, track suits hung on the coat rack, and a large, mysterious table stood near the kitchen. Something had happened. And I knew our lives would never be the same. Looking back, it was  … Read more


I read the book, “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh a little over two years ago. I remember parts of it. I remember enjoying the book and learning about the trials and tribulations that were the making of Zappos. But, most of all, I remember one insight, one important business lesson that Tony learned while playing  … Read more

The book: Youtility, by Jay Baer The big idea: In the introduction to his newest book, Youtility, Jay Baer states there are “only two ways for companies to break through an environment that is unprecedented in its competitiveness and cacophony. They can be ‘amazing’ or they can be useful.” This statement sets up the premise for  … Read more

  Our second entry in the Social Media Best Practices Guide series walked you through the 140-character ins and outs of Twitter. This installment will focus on optimizing your brand’s Google+ account. Google+ has attracted less of a following than Twitter or Facebook, but its association with Google means that maintaining an active page can help  … Read more

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A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that Google is planning to target sites developed for smartphone users in an upcoming algorithm update. There are several articles on Google that explain what webmasters should look out for, so we developed a take-away version for time-crunched readers. Advice regarding the update covers two main points: Make  … Read more

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It’s been a while since we’ve discussed what the future holds for search engine optimization. In light of some recent press on SEO-related projections, we thought it would be a good time to take another look at the changes and challenges that lay in store for SEOs. 1) Google Glass According to an interesting article  … Read more

Bloggers take note: Google recently announced some new additions to its algorithm. The announcement comes through an update on the Webmaster Tools “Link Schemes” section, so it has received little fanfare thus far. However, this update is not one to ignore: it may necessitate a second look at your blogging voice and SEO techniques, especially  … Read more

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How Linguistics Can Affect Your Blogging Success What makes a blog successful? Eye-catching graphics? Social media engagement? A quick survey of industry inquiries into this question (check out Social Examiner for some great tips) reveals a lot of talk about content, reputation, and design. Certainly all of these elements are important to the success of  … Read more