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Originally posted July 16, 2019. Updated July 6, 2020. Why LinkedIn Matters LinkedIn is a popular social media platform for businesses, with over 303 million active members – 40% of which are daily site visitors. And with 45% of LinkedIn users in upper management, a LinkedIn strategy can be a great way to connect with  … Read more

Our own David Creatura explains how to optimize your Facebook ads through an underutilized reporting view. Check out David’s post on the Marin Insights Blog.

This year, Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group was recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces. Companies on this list share a commitment to strong company culture, proactive management, employee training and growth opportunities, and more.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile application, based off of the popular Pokémon video and card game from the 90s. The app launched in early July 2016 and has quickly become a cultural phenomenon – amassing more users than Twitter within weeks after launch.

Our final installment in the Social Media Best Practices series covers the three most visual forms of social media. While certain parts of the optimization of these platforms mirrors that of Facebook and Twitter, the “artsier” nature of Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram requires different considerations for SEOs. Read on for our tips on how to  … Read more

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  Our second entry in the Social Media Best Practices Guide series walked you through the 140-character ins and outs of Twitter. This installment will focus on optimizing your brand’s Google+ account. Google+ has attracted less of a following than Twitter or Facebook, but its association with Google means that maintaining an active page can help  … Read more

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We kicked off our Social Media Best Practices series last month with some tips for Facebook. Our second installment will discuss the ins and outs of Twitter from an SEO perspective. As the second most popular social networking site after Facebook, Twitter is a platform you don’t want to neglect. The brevity of Tweets–140 characters  … Read more

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source With social media moving so rapidly, it can be overwhelming and confusing for many business owners to keep up to date on best practices. In our “Social Media Best Practices Guide” series, we will cover platform-specific techniques, optimization tips, and tricks to help boost your status updates. For the first installment, we will cover  … Read more

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Facebook isn’t the only social media platform that’s rolled out new changes lately. Twitter recently added an analytics feature that is being embraced by the SEO-inclined with open arms. While Twitter has been a staple of social media campaigns for several years, its contributions to website traffic have been notoriously difficult to quantify. The metrics  … Read more

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