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In the wake of the NSA security leak, I thought I’d use this blog post to address some of the specifics of privacy on the Internet. Concerns about privacy have been flying since the advent of social media and have spawned many myths about the security of your personal information. If you’re feeling wary, read  … Read more

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The past two months have seen some noteworthy changes to major social media platforms. In this post, I’ll take a look at Facebook’s new status update feature. If you haven’t had time to read up on the ins and outs of the emoticon-based status update, look no further. The Facebook Status Update Most Facebook users  … Read more

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LinkedIn turns 10 years old this month. With over 200 million users and 26 offices worldwide, LinkedIn has proven that they are a major player in the social media landscape. LinkedIn has evolved from simply an online resume site to a marketplace for professionals to network, market themselves effectively, display portfolio examples, interact in discussion  … Read more

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Link Roundup: Social Media Updates There seemed to be quite a few updates in the social media world this week, so we decided to share the most important changes and best practices with you all. These articles focus on platform changes and what you can expect from each of them in the next few months.  … Read more

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Recently, Facebook quietly rolled out new cover image guidelines that allow businesses and marketers more freedom with this prime, visual real estate. In the past, they have had fairly strict rules on what businesses can and cannot do with their Timeline cover image and penalized those who did not follow the rules. Below, I have  … Read more

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The Article: Foolishly Viral: Lessons From a Million Pageview Day, by Jacob Klein as posted on The Big Idea: How you can achieve viral content success – some tips, guidance and notes from Jacob Klein, a SEO consultant from Distilled, and his personal blog The Gist: Jacob talks about his success in preparing relevant, strong  … Read more

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Image Source For the uninitiated, social media can seem complex or even confusing. For many, the technology is still new, the landscape unfamiliar and the perceived risks all too high. However, once you understand how to think about social media, skill will follow. Below are my favorite, timeless rules for social media success. 1. Stop  … Read more

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Stop worrying about the total Fan count – start focusing on Reach and Engagement Managing a Facebook page for your business takes time and effort; cultivating content, building partnerships, engaging fans, responding to customer service questions. So how do you gauge your success in doing all this work? How do you show value for your  … Read more

The recent change to Facebook’s EdgeRank (algorithm) comes at a time when the platform is trying to maximize the amount of paid advertising they offer.  The change is thought to allow Facebook the room it needs to increase its organic to paid ratio, allowing for 80% of the content in a newsfeed to be organic  … Read more

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