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If we had to pick the most important metric for paid search, that’d be easy. ROAS, or Return On Ad Spend (this of course is excluding those really advanced folks that are pulling in margin to bidding). And the goal isn’t to necessarily maximize ROAS (though bigger is better), but to target the right ROAS  … Read more

What is your strategy? Whether we realize it or not, strategy is all around us.  Yet few of us can articulate exactly what those strategies are. Or why we chose them – or why they chose us. So what is a strategy? And how do we know we have a strategy, rather than a goal  … Read more

We hear it from our clients often: “We’re thrilled by your strategy, but we’re not sure how to implement it.” The chasm between identifying smart, revenue-driving opportunities and implementing smart, revenue driving opportunities can be quite wide.

A year ago we had a problem. We were adding clients quickly, but having trouble finding the right people to fill several critical open positions to increase our capacity. We were in our third year of 60% annual growth and, although theoretically a “nice problem to have”, our growth was becoming an issue. As we  … Read more

A recent HBR article on company culture piqued my interest. In it, the authors described the distinction between cognitive culture and emotional culture, emphasizing the power of emotion in creating and maintaining a strong, healthy company culture. Their assertions resonated with me. At Wheelhouse, we regularly consider how our clients feel about their engagement with us.  … Read more

A few weeks ago, the following meme was making the rounds on LinkedIn: My response was that culture IS our strategy. Here’s why. At Wheelhouse, we’ve taken great care to define, refine and encourage a culture that centers on kindness, helpfulness and generosity. We’re proud of the performance we drive for our clients, but that’s  … Read more

It’s Friday afternoon, we’ve had an extremely busy week, and we’ve just wrapped up our monthly “client sentiment analysis” session, where we talk as a group about how our work is making each of our clients feel. The mood is light, and almost all the sentiments on the board are written in green (which is  … Read more

The Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni is another business self-help book to address a CEO’s demons and propel him/her to lead the next Apple or Google. That is, unless you notice (which I didn’t) the small text under the title that categorizes the book as “a leadership fable.” When I started The  … Read more

Last week I attended cloud storage company Box‘s third annual conference in San Francisco. BoxWorks 2013 was more than a product release conference; it was a lesson in leadership, vision and priority-setting. The event began with a reception and gathering on Sunday night, but really kicked off on Monday morning with the first keynote address given  … Read more

We’ve recently started using a new program to keep track of contacts and outreach, and I’ve been so impressed with it, I wanted to share with you guys! The tool: BuzzStream The purpose: We originally started using BuzzStream because we needed a straightforward tool that could keep track of not only our contacts, but also  … Read more

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