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  Video Transcript Does Google Tag Manager suffer from hidden or even intentional data leaks? Does Google Tag Manager give the illusion of consent policy control for site owners but ignore those same policies when it comes to their own tags? Does GTM potentially violate GDPR? These are some of the claims that come out  … Read more

In our last post, we explained the difference between client-side and server-side tracking, and offered our perspective that server-side tracking is now foundational for healthcare organizations. But that word “foundational” is important here. Server-side tracking is foundational for healthcare organizations, but not sufficient on its own to achieve HIPAA-compliance while also continuing to support the  … Read more

If you haven’t heard by now, GA4 is here, and you need to implement it ASAP. But, before you hit that tempting ‘auto-implement’ button, we beg you, read this blog post first! Your ability to get clear, actionable marketing and advertising data could be at stake.

What is Countdown? Of several ad customizers available from Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, the countdown feature is ideal for featured sales with a definitive end date that can create urgency for users to convert – now, right now!  Countdown ads let you change your ad in real-time to count down to a specific event. Though you can countdown as far out as you’d like, we  … Read more

Case Study: Improving Conversion Value for an eCommerce Client with Smart Shopping We tested Google’s Smart Shopping campaign on an ecommerce client – a B2C horticultural and tools supply company. Over the course of 3.5 months, conversion value increased 38% while conversions increased by 26% all while achieving the campaign’s target ROAS.   What is  … Read more