Developing Our Values Through “Generosity Day”

Talia Escandar / 27th May 2016 / Comment / Culture


Our Culture of Generosity

Here at Wheelhouse, generosity is one of our core values. We strive to promote generosity in the way that we work, as well as how we interact with our community. As our president Aaron Burnett puts it, we believe that “without regular use, our values will atrophy.”

What stems from a values-based company culture is a desire to express these values in our every day. To contribute meaningfully to those around us – both inside and outside of the workplace – and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. This manifests in our client communication, peer-to-peer relationships, and our interest in social responsibility.

(To learn more about how our culture came to fruition, check out The Story of Wheelhouse.)

What is Generosity Day?

Generosity Day is a Wheelhouse tradition, and we’re pretty excited about it. About once a quarter, we rally the whole Wheelhouse team for a day of service in the local community. (According to Project ROI, a well-designed corporate social responsibility program can increase employee engagement and productivity, reduce turnover, and increase revenue.)

Team members take ownership of selecting the organization(s) we work with, nominating local nonprofits based on causes or community needs. Generosity Day is preceded by supply gathering, resource planning, and a bit of carpool coordinating. Our goals are three-fold:

  1. To meaningfully impact our local community
  2. To build community within our team
  3. To broaden our world view and raise awareness for community needs

Last year, we enjoyed donating our time and resources to nonprofits such as Tent City, Sacred Heart Women’s Shelter, and World Relief.

This Generosity Day Experience

On May 16, 2016, we partnered with anti-poverty and social service organization, Solid Ground, to continue maintenance of the Seattle Community Farm. In small groups, we worked on all areas of the farm. From trellis-building to irrigation installation, we weren’t afraid to get our hands a little dirty!

With the help of farm managers Rachel and Scott, we also learned more about the organization and the impact its volunteers (and donors) make on the local community. The experience provided us with the opportunity to learn more about the need for quality produce and nutrient-rich food accessibility. We acknowledged ways to continue making an impact – such as eating locally (and seasonally), supporting food education in schools, and advocating for policy changes to make healthy food more accessible.

About Solid Ground & the Seattle Community Farm:

Solid Ground is a non-profit organization working to address institutional racism and the root causes of poverty, not only symptom alleviation. Their coverage areas include housing and tenant rights, education, job training, transportation, and food justice. Their Lettuce Link program addresses food justice and covers the Urban Farm Giving Gardens, including the Seattle Community Farm. The Urban Giving Farms provide fresh produce to local food banks, improve access to affordable produce in food deserts, and offer food education.

Our Next Generosity Day Experience

We’re looking forward to our next Generosity Day in July 2016 – more details coming soon!

Wheelhouse Wants You to Weigh In

How does your business or organization promote community service within your team? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @WheelhouseDMG.

Have you worked with, or are you part of an organization in or around Seattle, who could be directly impacted by the resources and talents of our team? Please contact us to share your ideas 🙂 We’re always looking for new ways to contribute to our community.

By Talia Escandar