At Wheelhouse, we’re quite fond of old-school SEO. It’s an art that’s been lost in the daily cacophony of tricks, hot takes and algorithm updates. But at the end of the day, it’s a reliable way to drive real value with pages on the brink of success.

We’re thrilled to announce that Casey Curtis, who is celebrating three years at Wheelhouse, has been promoted to Director of Client Services. Casey is a Senior Search Strategist, and has long led content marketing, e-commerce management, CRO, user testing, and outreach efforts for our clients.

A Comeback Story All comebacks are built on a foundation of failure. And boy was it a failure. Paul Weinstein, our standard bearer and office ping pong champion, went down hard in last year’s GeekWire tournament—and in the process destroyed the morale of the entire Wheelhouse team (especially our younger, more impressionable employees). But Paul,  … Read more