Facebook EdgeRank Optimization – What You Need to Know

Kadee Gray / 1st October 2012 / Comment / Social
Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

The recent change to Facebook’s EdgeRank (algorithm) comes at a time when the platform is trying to maximize the amount of paid advertising they offer.  The change is thought to allow Facebook the room it needs to increase its organic to paid ratio, allowing for 80% of the content in a newsfeed to be organic and 20% to be  paid sponsored content. So, any tweaks in EdgeRank (making room for the sponsored content) will cause fluctuations in metrics for brand pages.

How does this affect your updates?

A post’s reach is entirely based on the engagement (likes, shares, comments – not link clicks) Facebook thinks the post will have. Instead of sending all posts to the top of user’s feeds, Facebook will decide what is seen based on how that user has reacted to similarly structured posts in the past.

It’s important to note here, that an increase in Fan numbers will not result in more reach – only engagement around posts will influence reach at the moment (or paid promotion of the post). Facebook measures success on a business page through likes and comments only.

Quick tips on increasing engagement on your Facebook posts:

  • Use links with a recognizable URL, like “www.shop.com/umbrellas” where users have an idea of what to expect
  • Ask a question, but ask it at the end of your comment, not at the beginning. Posts with a question at the end have a 15% higher overall interaction rate and a 2X higher comment rate than those with a question asked in the middle of the post.
  • Ask fans to caption a picture. Posts that ask readers to “caption this” get 5.5X higher comment rates than average. Such posts also increase the overall interaction rate by more than 100%.
  •  “Fill in the blank” is another good option. Such posts garner 4X more comments than average.
  • Use emoticons: Posts that contain emoticons receive 52% higher interaction rates. Posts that employ them have a 57% higher like rate, a 33% higher comment rate and 33% higher share rate.
  • Use a call to action. Posts with commands such as “Like,” “Caption This,” “Share,” “Yes or No” and “True or False” get interaction rates that are 48% higher than average.
  • We recommend two posts per day of text, audio, photo or video.
  • Needing more likes, doesn’t mean you need more posts. Less is more – 1 to 2 times a day (Facebook penalizes for too many posts).

Further reading:

The EdgeRank Checker blog is a great resource in understanding your Facebook EdgeRank analytics.

Mashable also published an informative article that focuses on how marketers can optimize their posts better and offers some data on the best days and times to post to your page.

What significant changes have you seen you in your Facebook Analytics? What changes do you plan to make to your updates?

By Kadee Gray